Take away food

We offer Take Away every day. If you are a local or a tourist in Skagen, Ålbæk, Hulsig, or Jerup, you can stop by Aalbæk Gl. Kro and pick up your lunch or dinner. We have a diverse take-out menu with tapas, open-faced sandwiches, “shooting star” (a traditional Danish dish of fish, shrimp, and garnish), and Wienerschnitzel, etc. Orders for open-faced sandwiches must be made at least 1.5 hours before pick-up.

Pick up your lunch or dinner from us

We offer take-away food all year round. So whether you are a local or a holiday guest in one of the area’s summerhouses, you can always order from this menu. Depending on the number of persons, you can order shortly before you pick up the food.

Menu - Take Away

Fish soup with mussels, herbs, and bread
(You need to heat up the soup yourself)
DKK 115,-

Kroen’s Tapas min. 4 people
Home-smoked salmon, Skagen ham, olives, North Sea cheese, lightly smoked chicken with tomato compote, marinated hand-shelled shrimp with bread and butter
DKK 200,- per. couvert

Ribeye steak with country fries, aioli, and salad
DKK 235,-

Stjerneskud (shooting star, a traditional Danish dish of fried and steamed fish, shrimp, and garnish) as well as hand-shelled shrimp
DKK 135,-

Hand-shelled shrimp on a baguette with mayonnaise and lemons
DKK 115,-

Hamburger steak with potatoes, gravy, and home-made pickled red beets
DKK 135,-

Wienerschnitzel with fried potatoes and peas
DKK 165,-

Home-made burger 200 grams of beef and country fries
DKK  135,-

Open-faced sandwiches (variety) 10 pieces
DKK 325,-

Open-faced sandwich per piece
DKK 46,-

Large tray of fries
DKK 45,-

Children’s menu

2 hot dogs with fries
DKK 65,-

1/4 chicken with fries
DKK 65,-

1 fish fillet with fries
DKK 65,-

Home cooking

Take home

Monday – friday
kr. 89,- pr. couvert

Saturday and sunday
kr. 119,- pr. couvert

Eat here

Monday – friday
kr. 149,- pr. couvert

Saturday and sunday
kr. 179,- pr. couvert

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